This Is The Story of Our Leading E- Commerce Company of India, UNIQEDEAL.COM ,Officially Registered In Oct 2018 – The Firm Maintain UNIQEDEAL.COM. This Is Not Just a story it’s a journey which we are continuing till and hope will do in our whole life and learn alot from our new – new experiences.  In “UNIQEDEAL.COM” We Always look forward to not only sales & support but above on these elements, we always take care of our customer satisfaction, Because Satisfied customers can make a unified entity.

In the Earlier Time we were also a small seller on some very reputed e –commerce websites in India, all thing was good enough to be just a good seller, but when day passed many of E – commerce websites starts their own new after new rules and regulation about the selling by which many of seller from our country left them and they were starts finding a better platform to sell their products.

We were think to start our own e –commerce websites, but due to lack of capital we started a very cheap level market in e commerce and after finishing the website we could only sale mobile accessories and computer accessories on our website. But website was very tough to operate for customers so we can’t run that for a long time.

we set up a technical team in our small firm and start to re arrange the sites system and try  make the process little easier for customers. And I think after the end of the august month we were start getting a good numbers of customers on our e –commerce websites and we start adding some new electronics small appliances in our website, customers loved our delivery speed and customer support team. And we get more and more customers day by day. Then In India two huge capital having website starts a war between their sales , and war always effects the whole city, cause of their capital they can sale any high value material or products in very very cheap rate. Many of our  e –commerce friends had shut their companies cause of loss and loss from getting no customers in their e –commerce websites.

We though what they have ( BIG E – COMMERCE COMPANIES) , we got result one and only sellers. Sellers brought capital in the firm as their goods. We Start Working On our New Project “UNIQEDEAL.COM” in the end of 2017 we start a survey from seller to seller to connect them with us, many of them rejected us, many try to convenes us that “BOSS IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT THOSE BIG E- COMMERCE COMPANIES” , we said who want to beat them we just want to serve our service to all of our country with them. Finally we got total 69 sellers to sell in our portal “UNIQEDEAL.COM” but they requested to arrange their privacy protection cause of they can’t fully depended on “UNIQEDEAL.COM”   in the beginning ,so we make a privacy protection contract act with them and finally with all the passion, hard work and efforts we launched “UNIQEDEAL.COM” in AUGUST 2018 with the extreme support of our sellers in very short time we start getting investors, now we are also in the top 30 E- Commerce Companies in India.